Five Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors for 2024

Five Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors for 2024

Hickory, North Carolina, sees some harsh spring storms and hot summer sun. These weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior – especially the roof. When it’s time to replace the shingles on your roof, why not give your home a facelift with a beautiful new set of shingles? The right color combinations between your brick or siding and your roofing shingle colors add to your curb appeal and complement your architectural design.

Today, the roofing contractors at Integrity Roofing explain why we love the 2024 roofing shingle colors. The most popular shades are listed below.

#1: Gray

This popular color, one of the top roof shingle colors in 2023, is already one of our most requested shades. The most popular shade of gray may be called “Williamsburg Gray,” and this shade is reminiscent of the homes you may see around Colonial Williamsburg. The color is medium-to-dark gray and complements several types of exterior colors. This classic, versatile shade complements gray siding of any shade and enhances the look of a grey, white, or dusky rose brick.

The asphalt shingles blend black and dark gray granules, resulting in a depth of color that works for different styles, from classic to modern. You can enhance the look of your new gray shingles with strategic pops of slate gray on the exterior and volcanic or river rocks in your landscaping.

#2: Black

Dramatic black shingles add a modern flair to a timeless home design or accentuate the bold lines of modern architecture. One of our most popular color options, black shingles are designed to be more energy-efficient than other roof shingle types. The deep black color reflects sunlight off the roof of the house instead of absorbing it, cooling your home more effectively during long, hot Hickory summers.

Look for durable, high-quality shingles, like those crafted by CertainTeed, to ensure that the color stays rich for years and that the shingles do their job of protecting your home effectively.

Black shingles look best with shades of white or black, like white siding with black shutters or whitewashed brick with black accents. Black shingles also complement darker grey brick or siding homes or those with a combination of materials on the exterior.

#3: Rich Medium Brown

For those rustic North Carolina homes, there’s no better color choice than a rich, mahogany medium brown shingle shade. This color looks lovely with a more nature-inspired exterior, like a dark brown weathered wood or a tan siding color. Medium brown also looks nice with darker, rust-colored bricks or homes with a mix of earth-toned bricks or fieldstones on the exterior.

Brown is also a great color for houses in warmer environments, like Hickory, NC. It blends well with the woodsy landscape around here and doesn’t absorb heat as much as other colors, so your home stays cooler in the summer. It’s a subtle, rustic-meets-modern shade that doesn’t show wear and tear as much as shades in the gray color family, so brown is ideal if you know that your house is exposed to a lot of harsh weather.

#4: Green

Homes with a brick or log exterior look gorgeous with a light or vibrant green roof. It blends well with your landscape, evoking a natural feel, perfect for homes that are in the country. Green shingles are more unusual than the traditional medium-grey or tan, and so give a little unexpected flair. You can mix different shades of forest, emerald, or light green, or go all one color for even more dramatic curb appeal.

#5: Light Blue

If you want something light and airy to complement a white or light gray exterior, opt for a light shade of blue, either baby blue or slate blue. This unique shingle color can update the curb appeal of an older home, making it look fresher and more modern. It also complements both siding and brick exteriors. You really can’t go wrong with this shade.

How to Choose the Right Roof Color for Your Hickory, NC, House

Five Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors for 2024

The color you love best may not be the right color for your home. You can select a gorgeous shingle color from the top brand, but if it doesn’t complement the existing exterior of your house, the wrong color combination can make both the roof and the building look unappealing.

As a general rule of thumb, most houses look best when the roof color is darker than the exterior. Especially if you have a taller home or one with gabling or different heights for the roof, the darker color will make the house look more balanced and the overall appearance more cohesive. So, a home with medium-grey siding may look best with a darker grey roof, but a light grey or white home may look nice with a medium-grey roof.

However, this rule goes out the window if you have a very dark exterior. Then, a lighter color roof may look better, as a dark roof on top of a dark house may make the home look cramped and smaller.

Finally, consider the shade of your exterior. In general, you should select brick or siding and your roofing shingles in the same color family. So, if you have cooler tones, like gray, black, or white, stick to colors in those shades. However, if your house has a wooden exterior, rose or tan bricks, or fieldstones, then warmer roofing shades would be more appropriate.

Call the Professionals to Help You Choose a Roof Shingle Color

Have you read through our most popular roofing shingle shades and still can’t make up your mind about which color to choose? We can help. The team at Integrity Roofing can help you narrow down the options available in your budget so you can envision how you want your home to look. We carry only the finest brands of shingles made with high-quality materials for a look that lasts for years. Contact us today at (828) 448-0855, reach out online, or visit our showroom to get started – and become the envy of your Hickory, NC, neighborhood.

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