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You might not have to pay for roof repair or replacement services yourself. A homeowners insurance policy or an insurance policy for your commercial property may cover these costs. Filing a roof damage claim with your insurance company may be a new experience. Don’t worry if you’re not used to working with insurance adjusters and insurance companies to address roof damage claims. At Integrity Roofing, LLC, in Hickory, NC, we handle roof insurance claims on behalf of our customers. We’ll guide you through the claims process, simplifying every step from filing a claim to corresponding with adjusters. Call us today at (828) 448-0855 for a consultation about your project.

Roof Insurance Claims in Hickory, NC: What You Need to Know About Our Process

It’s not always clear whether your roof has sustained storm damage or normal wear and tear. If you suspect damage, we’ll begin with a thorough inspection. The inspection is free. Our professionals can determine the severity of the damage and the potential cause. After an initial inspection, we can determine whether filing an insurance claim for roof damage is necessary. Sometimes, it’s not. Home insurance claims often aren’t necessary when the damage is minor. If a claim isn’t necessary, we’ll complete the work and extend the lifespan of your roof. If the damage is widespread enough to warrant significant repairs or a total roof replacement, we’ll contact the insurance company for you.

Our Hickory Roofing Company Deals with the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

We’ll contact your insurance company by phone or through an online claim if we verify that your roof has sustained storm damage. Our team will set a date and time when an insurance adjuster is available. We’ll be there to advocate on your behalf when the adjuster visits your property. Our professionals can explain the nature of the damage to illustrate why your insurance policy should cover the cost of repairing or replacing your roof.

Our Team Will Review an Insurance Adjuster’s Estimate

Once the insurance company approves an initial claim, we will assess their estimate. It may be necessary to submit a supplement. For instance, this is sometimes necessary if an insurance adjuster’s estimate doesn’t include enough materials to cover the full replacement.

Completing Your Roof Insurance Claim

After an estimate is agreed on, we can complete the work. Upon doing so, we’ll file a letter of completion. This triggers the insurance company to release the depreciation check.

Handling Hickory Roof Insurance Claims for Homeowners and Business Owners

Here at Integrity Roofing, we proudly serve both residential and commercial customers throughout Hickory, NC, and the surrounding areas. Whether you own a home or business, if your insurance policy offers roof replacement cost coverage, we can handle every step of the claims process on your behalf. The steps in the process are the same for both our commercial and residential customers. However, the process may be somewhat more complex for commercial insurance claims. Commercial projects may take longer because of the scale of the work to be done.

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Your responsibilities may be minimal if you contact our roofing company to handle your roof insurance claim. However, there are certain tips homeowners and business owners should remember as they prepare to file claims with their insurers. These tips include:

  • Take photos of all the visible damage and anything else you think might strengthen your claim.
  • Don’t delay in contacting a roofing company to initiate the claims process, as waiting too long to file a claim can sometimes have negative consequences.
  • Keep a log of all correspondence related to your insurance claim.

The log of correspondence shouldn’t have many entries. That’s one of the benefits of hiring Integrity Roofing to handle an insurance claim. We can streamline the process so your correspondence with insurance adjusters and other parties is minimal.

Why Hire Professionals for Roof Insurance Claims?

You likely understand it’s important to hire professional roofers in Hickory, NC, to handle repairing or replacing your roof. However, you might wonder whether it’s necessary to hire a roofing company to handle your claim. Isn’t this a task you can address on your own? Technically, yes. That doesn’t mean doing so is advisable. There are many reasons why hiring roofing professionals to assist you with a claim is smart. Saving time (and potentially saving money) is just one of them. This may be your first experience with filing any sort of homeowner’s or commercial roof insurance claim. You might not understand all the jargon or know what insurance adjusters look for when they inspect your roof. Our professionals have experience working with insurance companies, and we know how insurance companies operate. That’s the kind of advocacy you need on your side right now. For example, if you’re a homeowner, your insurance policy may only cover certain forms of storm damage, like hail damage. You would thus need to show that the cause of your roof’s damage is one that your policy covers. Doing so requires a certain degree of roofing expertise and experience. Our team can document your roof’s damage thoroughly and apply our industry knowledge to explain why we know the damage is the result of a storm or similar covered cause.

Contact a Hickory, NC, Roofing Company That Handles Roof Insurance Claims

You’re likely a busy person. Hail damage, wind damage, or similar storm damage to your roof adds to your already long list of responsibilities. You don’t need to add yet another task to this list by handling your own roof insurance claim. Does your policy cover roof damage? If so, get in touch with Integrity Roofing, LLC. We offer commercial and residential roofing services to customers in and around Hickory, NC. We’ll take over your claim so you can focus on other priorities. Get started today by contacting us online or calling us at (828) 448-0855 to request your free inspection.

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