What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof?

What Color Siding Goes with a Copper Roof

Copper shingles are a gorgeous addition to any home. Copper shingles are attractive, lightweight, and highly durable, so you’ll get years of enjoyment and protection from your copper roof. However, selecting siding that compliments the color and design of copper shingles can be challenging, especially since shiny copper will gain a patina over time, giving it a distinctive bluish-green tint.

How do you know what siding works with your copper shingles? Your decision will come easily when you have help from the professionals at Integrity Roofing. We have various color options that will give your home a distinct look and complement the appearance of your copper roof.

Siding Colors That Go Well With A Copper Roof

Choosing the right colors for your home can be transformative. Here's a look at some top choices when pairing siding with a copper roof.


White siding is one of the most popular options to pair with copper shingles. White is classic, clean, and bright. With a shiny copper roof, white siding gives a home a fresh and modern feel and can help highlight the color and intricate details of your copper shingles. Cool white siding contrasts nicely with a genuine copper roof's rich, warm tones. However, white works equally well and creates a classic vibe when copper gets a patina and turns blue.

White siding is also a fantastic option for individuals in hot climates. White reflects more light and can help reduce summer cooling bills and energy costs.


Black siding on its own is a bold design choice. However, when you pair black siding with copper shingles, you get an elegant home that stands out. Black exudes sophistication, as does warm copper. When the two come together, your home radiates an air of refinement and elegance.

While the aesthetics of your home are essential, you must also consider the other pros and cons of black siding. Black siding absorbs more light and may be better suited to homes in cooler climates because it helps retain heat. There may be better choices for those in hot climates or those concerned about summer cooling costs.

Dark Blue

Like black, dark blue siding with copper shingles creates an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. However, blue gives you a hint of color that turns heads. A cooler-toned dark blue can be a striking contrast to the warm tones of the copper, accentuating its beauty and giving you a classic and refined look.

Dark blue can be an excellent option for copper shingles starting to patina. The blue-on-blue look can be striking. Remember, dark blue also tends to absorb more light and may be better for homes in cooler climates.

Sand or Stone Tones

Soft, earthy neutrals like sand, tan, and stone pair exceptionally well with copper shingles. These tones blend seamlessly with the rich copper of the roof, giving you a more cohesive and traditional look with less contrast. These tones can also reflect a more laid-back and comfortable vibe. These tones are commonly found in homes in the Southwest and beach-side areas.

Another reason these light but warm tones are common in the Southwest and warmer regions of the U.S. is that, like white, light sand tones help reflect light, keeping your home cooler in the summer months. When you’re considering what color siding you should use, you should take into account the diverse weather conditions in Hickory, NC.

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal and cool grays are having a moment. When paired with a warm copper roof, these colors can create a more modern and contemporary feel. As a neutral, gray isn’t flashy and won’t stand out like bolder colors, meaning it lets your copper roof's classic and timeless beauty shine. Charcoal and other gray tones also look exceedingly good when a copper roof gains patina and gives off bluish tones.

Forest Green

Forest green can give off vibes similar to those you get from dark blue. It provides an exciting contrast and enhances the appearance of the copper shingles. An elegant and eye-catching option that helps your home stand out, forest green siding is an attractive and unique option that allows you to highlight your copper roof.

Like the other dark colors on our list, remember that dark green may absorb more light and impact your energy bills differently in summer and winter, depending on the climate.

Cream or Beige

Cream or beige is a classic. It lets the timeless look of your roof shine without competing for attention. Cream colors give a more relaxed and live-in aesthetic than their color cousin, white. Easy to maintain and keep looking fresh, the warmer tones of cream and beige complement the warm tones in the copper.

Cream siding can also help keep your home cooler in the summer months.

Terracotta or Brick Red

Are you looking to match the bold look of your copper roof with a bolder siding option? Terracotta or brick red may be the color options for you. The warm tones of red siding complement the warm hues in copper shingles. The pairing is daring and can make your home stand out amongst the houses on your block.

Slate Gray

light colored slate siding on a home located in hickory north carolina

Slate gray is another cool-toned neutral that can work well with copper shingles, especially when they develop their blue patina over time. The cool, blue tones of slate gray color contrast sharply with the warm, rich color of the copper shingles. The result is a contemporary look that highlights the timeless beauty of the copper roof.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is another exciting siding color choice that marries the cool tones of deep blue with the warm hues of copper. The combination can feel classic or modern, depending on the architectural style of your home.

Let Integrity Roofing Help You Find the Perfect Match

Are you looking to enhance the look of your home and make your copper shingles the stand-out feature? Selecting siding that meets your aesthetic and highlights the architectural features of your home can be challenging. Thankfully, the professionals at Integrity Roofing can help. We utilize premium materials, including Certainteed shingles, ensuring that your siding and copper shingles are both aesthetically pleasing and durable, regardless of the color scheme selected.

Contact Integrity Roofing today to book an inspection and learn more about your home siding options.

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