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Whether your roof has recently been replaced or you have had the same roof for many years everyone needs roof maintenance completed.  Roof maintenance is the periodical checking of all the vulnerable areas on a roof that could be susceptible to having a problem as well as leaf and debris removal and gutter cleaning.

If your roof has begun to leak or has suffered minor damage from inclement weather, it is vital to get your roof fixed sooner rather than later. However, these signs of roof damage does not mean you need to replace your entire roof. It is possible the problem can be fixed with a simple roof repair.

Having roof maintenance completed twice a year- once in the spring and again in the fall is a great way to detect an issue early on. Early problem detection makes repairs more manageable before they become serious.

A roofing professional should be able to recognize developing problems and provide proper repair methods. 

At Integrity Roofing we offer maintenance packages which include debris removal, gutter cleaning, along with checking all pipe boots, flashing, and any other vulnerable areas on your roof. 

Having this completed twice a year maximizes the life of your roof. When you first get your new roof installed you are expecting to get 25 years or more out of it. Regular maintenance ensures that you get that or more. Roof maintenance gives the homeowner peace of mind and can help protect your largest investment. 

When you sign up for the roof maintenance package with Integrity Roofing you will get just that. It is crucial that with all the leaves starting to fall and all the recent storms that you have your roof checked by one of our professionals. We will complete a full roof inspection, go over our findings with you so you know what stage your roof is in, how much life it has left, and what repairs you might need if any.

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