4 Bad Roof Installation Risks Of Getting The Lowest Price

When it comes to roof replacement, most homeowners are primarily concerned about the cost. The truth is that you will have to invest a significant amount of money in it unless you have legitimate storm damage and you have homeowner's insurance.

When some homeowners hear this, they are tempted to begin searching for the lowest accessible price in their region. It's not a bad idea to search around for a low-cost choice.

However, if you try to obtain the cheapest one possible, you are putting your new roof and budget at risk even before the replacement process begins. We're going to break down the hazards that come with attempting to get the lowest price because we want every homeowner to avoid the troubles that come with a poor-quality roof replacement. 

Integrity Roofing has assisted residents in the Hickory and Charlotte areas in getting a high-quality roof that meets their budget. We take pleasure in providing a roofing experience that is unlike any other in the business.

1. You Get What You Pay For In Terms Of Quality 

When you invest in a roof system, the cost of quality labor, roofing materials, and components will be more. Most homeowners have a budget for a roof replacement, but if you try to purchase the cheapest roof possible, the final quality of your roof will suffer. If you choose the cheapest price, you will almost certainly be getting the cheapest components and labor available. Some roofing contractors even reduce their prices by not installing critical components. When this occurs, you are immediately setting yourself up for failure. That is why, whenever you need repairs or a full roof replacement, it is critical to invest in quality materials and workmanship from the start.

2. In The Long Run, You'll Pay A Higher Price

Getting the cheapest roof possible may appear to be your only option, but a roof (of any size) is always an investment. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you go with the cheapest roof you can find, you'll have roof problems sooner rather than later. These issues may not manifest immediately, but you will end up spending more money in the long run on repairs and, eventually, a full roof replacement. While a low-cost roof may be appealing, it will only cause stress and frustration, as well as take more of your hard-earned money. After spending thousands of dollars on a new roof, the last thing you want is for it to leak.

3. You Only Have A Few Alternatives For Roof Warranties

After your roof is replaced, you will be covered by two warranties that will protect you from any future difficulties. You will have one from the contractor's workmanship and one from the manufacturer on your roofing materials. While these warranties should be included with every roof, choosing the lowest choice means you won't be able to acquire the best ones to fully safeguard your roof and budget. When you mix and match to get the cheapest roof possible, I can guarantee you won’t qualify for the enhanced warranty. Even if you do somehow qualify for this warranty, it’ll most likely be voided because of improper installation or inadequate attic ventilation from cheap labor.

4. Your Roof's Lifespan Will Not Attain Its Full Potential

The lifespan of your roof is the number of years it will keep you and your family safe from the elements. The roofing material you choose for replacement determines the lifespan of your roof. Depending on the shingle selected, an asphalt roof could last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. However, if you use the lowest materials and the cheapest contractors to install them, I guarantee your roof will not last as long as it could.

Some homeowners believe, "I'll invest in quality materials but look for the cheapest installer." However, doing so results in taking shortcuts and using improper roofing practices, which means that even high-quality roofing materials will fail before their lifespan is up. After investing in a new roof, the last thing you want is to have to replace it much sooner than intended. Even if you are searching for the most affordable roof, make sure you invest in quality workmanship to guarantee it performs to its maximum capacity.

Learn How To Pick The Right Roofing Contractor

If a roofing contractor has a lower price, it doesn't mean they're a bad company or won't do the job correctly. However, when looking for the cheapest materials and labor, you are more likely to be affected by the risks listed above.

That is why, even if you have a limited budget, you should always prioritize quality. Finding one can be a daunting task, especially when you consider how many options are available in your area. Fortunately, we have the information you need to find a great roofing contractor.

Since 2017, the team at Integrity Roofing has provided high-quality roofing services to homeowners in Hickory and Charlotte's surrounding areas. We work collaboratively with you and your budget to provide you with the highest quality roof replacement possible. If you live in the Hickory or Charlotte area, please contact us for any of your roofing needs.

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